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Yoga and Fitness

Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Fitness available: Schedule a Personal Training Session in the Studio or in the Privacy of your home. Learn how to safely move, stay fit and recover carefully after birth.

Yes, Mama - let's move.

Hello Mama's - your health and well-being is directly connected to your baby's health and well-being. If you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor - you can get rolling. Pre-Natal Yoga or Pre-Natal Fitness can help you stay fit and healthy and prepare for the extra weight and challenges that pregnancy and motherhood have in store.

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Pre Natal

Pre Natal and Post Natal meditation and stress relief offer a way to stay calm and learn to ground yourself in times of change. You can learn to connect with your baby and your 'new normal'. 

Post Natal Fitness and Yoga focusses on a safe and guided recovery after birth. Pregnancy and birth are a physical challenge. After allowing your body time to heal (and to connect and bond with your baby) and being cleared by a doctor for movement, you can return to the gym or the yoga studio to start strengthening your body - especially the core and pelvic floor. 

Post Natal

In Studio Prices

(Locations: 2860 24th Street, 447 Irving St.)


Single Session: $110

6 Sessions: $630

10 Sessions: $990

15 Sessions: $1450

 Online Prices

(Practice from the comfort of your home)

Single Session: $85

6 Sessions: $600

10 Sessions: $910

15 Sessions: $1370

Can I workout during my pregnancy? What do I have to be aware of? 

These are some of the most common questions I get from my clients. And I love that new mamas are seeking help to ensure a healthy and fit pregnancy. So, keep asking questions! Here are some more information on staying fit during your pregnancy. You will also find a simple workout in my blog post - to get you started.

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