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Everything began in Germany where I am originally from. I grew up close to Frankfurt am Taunus and spend most of my childhood there. Early in my life I was exposed to sporty activities, outdoor adventures and healthy lifestyle choices. I remember my Mom handing us apple cider vinegar in little shot glasses for breakfast, sprouting seeds for our musli and marking water bottles to help us keep track of how much we drink. My Dad started us early on cold showers and ice bath - which was fun as a child and brought to us in an adventurous and playful manner. Back than I didn't understand the health benefits and some days I really didn't feel like drinking the apple cider vinegar, yet today I truly appreciate all the tools, knowledge and healthy habits that have been installed into my daily life early on. We were a very active and sporty family.

During my high school years I played Basketball, and got into Latin American Dance, which I perused for about 4 years intensively. 

After finishing high school and spending a year abroad in Australia, six months in New Zealand and two months in Equador, I studied Business Management and Event Management in Berlin, Germany and started working in the same field for a while - I soon realized that this wasn't my authentic path. Even though I deliberately had chosen this career, I had to admit that it left me feeling exhausted, unbalance, uninspired and with little motivation and drive. After some soul searching and careful reflection I figured out that my daily life didn't include any of the things I enjoy doing. I found myself stuck in traffic a lot, eating fast food on the run, drinking way to much coffee and getting little sleep. At this time of my life, I didn't work out much and didn't take great care of myself and I new this wasn't working for me.

I used this realization to make a drastic change in my life: I left my job, comfort zone and home country to explore a daily life that would include all the things that filled me with excitement, joy and passion. And this is how my more authentic, balanced life started to shape up.

I spend the next years living in foreign countries (mainly Asia, Europe and the US) working as Retreat Manager in leading health and yoga retreat centers, teaching yoga on beautiful beaches and leading sunrise meditation sessions on the pool side, exploring new diets and health tips and tricks, while studying fitness and health related topics. In these years I was fortunate enough to meet a number of mentors, other coaches and trainers to connect with, exchange knowledge and practice and grow together. 

Today I am using everything I have learned over the years. I am a Health Coach, which combines all of my skills as Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Life Coach. 

My mission is to empower my clients to feel there best. Starting by building a healthy lifestyle, sustainable change and long lasting shifts in their daily routine. Every coaching experience is individuals as we all are individual in our current lifestyle, needs, schedule and goals.

Whether you want to learn how to calm your mind, change your mindset, reach your fitness goals or feel more healthy in your own skin - I can support you  on this journey. 

And just another exciting part of my practice: 

In February of  2019 my husband and I welcomed our son. This happy life shift inspired me to learn more about PreNatal Fitness and Yoga. Today I am a PreNatal Yoga teacher and Fitness Instructor and love helping mamas to get, be and stay healthy, to exercise and move safely and confidently during pregnancy and or after birth and to actively create a calming mindset to support the drastic life change that comes with motherhood. 

Overall I am excited to meet like minded people, who enjoy movement, the outdoors and community. Building a network and growing a community around those simple yet powerful values is my passion. Reach out if you are looking to start a healthier lifestyle - I am here to help.

You can also reach out, if you just want to say hi or ask me a question. And I am also available and excited about collaboration opportunities to grow and expand my reach, knowledge and network.



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